Dumb Microsoft Quotes


Steve Ballmer, February 8, 2002

"The proposal as put forward by the nonsettling states would -- would not be a decree that I would know how to comply with. I actually think we would need to withdraw the Windows product from the marketplace."


Doug Miller, 2001

"It's the business model around free software that concerns us, where people get sucked in to not paying for software," Doug Miller, group product manager for the Windows Server Group, told eWEEK's Peter Galli. "This will be a disservice for them, as they need established, well-funded companies to offer innovation."


Bill Gates, 2001

"Really, the reason you see open source there at all is because we came in and said there should be a platform that's identical with millions and millions of machines," Gates said."


Bill Gates, 1983 (New York Times, 25 Sep 1983, p. F2)

"Imagine the disincentive to software development if after months of work another company could come along and copy your work and market it under its own name...without legal restraints to such copying, companies like Apple could not afford to advance the state of the art."


Bill Gates, 1981

"640K ought to be enough for anybody."




Not Microsoft Quotes 

Linus Thorvalds,

"I used to be interested in Windows NT, but the more I see of it the more it
looks like traditional Windows with a stabler kernel. I don't find anything
technically interesting there. In my opinion, MS is a lot better at making
money than it is at making good operating systems."